Ask Questions In Public

If you don't know something, there's a good chance that others don't know it too, so it can often be useful to ask questions in public situations. Make an effort to find the answer yourself (check documentation, try to solve things on your own for a bit, etc.) because this will help you ask better questions, but don't always wait until you get someone one on one before you ask the question.

Asking questions in public can mean many things. Maybe it's at a meeting (instead of a one on one) or a team chat channel (rather than in a private message).

When you ask questions in public you scale up the answer. More people benefit from the answer (and potential discussion). This can often lead to lots of people gaining new understanding and deficiencies in documentations being uncovered.

Asking questions in public also normalizes not knowing everything. This is especially important/impactful if you are a more senior member of your team. Nobody knows everything and it's helpful to remind others of this.