Don't Over-Optimize Your Tools

Maybe you know someone who wields their code editor like a magic wand. Maybe their prowess with the terminal makes it seem like they speak directly to the computer. Maybe they have a mechanical keyboard that looks (and sounds) like it could never type a bug. Maybe this person is you.

Choosing good tools and developing skill with them is absolutely useful, but don't lose site of what the tools are for; building good software. At some point optimizing your Vim config or buying another mechanical keyboard isn't a productivity boost, it's just recreational. And that's fine!

There's nothing wrong with finding enjoyment in tweaking your setup. If you spend a lot of time using these tools it's nice to enjoy and make the most of what you use. Just learn to recognize recognize the difference between legitimate productivity improvements and recreational enthusiast improvements. Try to spend time on things that help you reason about your code over changes to how you write your code.

If you love the sound of Cherry Blue switches typing into a fully customized Vim setup running on Arch Linux, more power to you. Just don't confuse customizing your window manager with getting more done.