Make Small Changes

When working on a feature or bug fix it can be tempting to make all your changes at once (this often means everything going out in a single pull request). This can be appealing as it lets you see the full end to end solution locally before you release anything, but it has it's disadvantages.

First, it's much harder for others to review large changes. By breaking up your work into smaller, logical chunks you increase your chances of getting good feedback from a reviewer who really understands what they're looking at.

Also it's easier for you to see the affect of your changes. When you push out a large release it can be difficult to track down where new bugs come from, but with small, incremental changes you can better isolate where the new behavior might be coming from.

Finally, by forcing yourself to subdivide your work into releasable pieces you create a habit of making sure things work end to end multiple times along the way, rather than only being able to test a working system when you think you're complete.