Nobody Cares About Your Career As Much As You Do

As you work on growing your career you will hopefully have many people helping you reach that next level, maybe a supportive manager or a mentor. But none of these people care about your career as much as you do. Nor should they.

Helping employees advance is an important part of a manager's job, but it's not the only thing on their plate. If you really care about making progress you have to help people help you. If you're up for a raise or a promotion, do the research on what your company's leveling rubric looks like and provide your manager good supporting work to build your promo packet (you're writing down your accomplishments, right?). Look for projects that interest you and ask for them, don't wait for someone to recommend you for them.

In a healthy work environment, you'll have people supporting your growth, but don't expect any of these people to work harder than you do for your advancement. You have to care the most.