Take on Projects That Push You

When looking for the next thing to work on it can be easy to stay in your comfort zone, working in areas of the codebase that you're comfortable in or with technologies that you know well. Knowing that even the simplest projects can have hidden difficulties it can be tempting to stay in areas that feel safe, but if you always do this you'll never grow.

It's ok to take on a project where you don't have a solid grasp on every skill that will be needed to complete it. In fact, it's important to your professional development that you do this. All those people who seem to know things that you don't know had to just try new things and learn about them. There's no better forcing function for learning than needing a skill for a project.

Don't go overboard with this and know when a task it's well beyond your capabilities (within the given timeline) and know how to balance out growth and productivity for the larger needs of the project, but check in on your past work every once in a while to make sure that you've been doing some things that push your abilities.